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Twolick Valley Nursery was formed out of love – love for family, love for traditions, and love for plants and nature. In 2006, armed with a fresh bachelor’s degree in Urban Forestry and an associate’s degree in Forest Technology - both from Penn State University, Justin Kaskan decided to make his dream a reality.

After graduation, he headed home to the family farm. The 120 acres had been farmed by his great-grandparents, and lovingly cared for through the generations. As the fourth generation to live on the farm, Justin decided he was going to use the land to combine his knowledge with his love of nature, and thus Twolick Valley Nursery was born. With the help of his parents and uncle, he spent his first summer as a graduate digging hundreds of holes for his innovative pot-in-pot nursery. The following winter, he met his future wife, Amanda, back at Penn State. He convinced her the farm was a magical place to be, and they officially opened the nursery for business in 2008, shortly before their wedding.

Since those early days the nursery has added greenhouses, mulch, soils, shade canopies, countless hoop houses, an ever-growing inventory list, and wonderful, passionate employees. We strive to make some kind of substantial improvement every year so that we can always have something new to delight our customers.

Nowadays, you can often find the fifth generation around the nursery – always eager to carry a plant to a car, pull a wagon, or “help” check out customers.

We hope when you visit us, you find a little bit of the magic to take home with you.

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